Battleshed Diaries

Wednesday 6 May 2015

The Dompfaff

With the possibility of Lord Curr's Q Division, Extraordinary Affairs, having to see off a Martian invasion, an new addition to his arsenal arrived today - the Dompfaff  from Tobsen77 Miniaturen.

This lovely wee resin/metal 28mm kit arrived today from Germany, complete with a packet of Haribo (nom nom!) and a Tobsen77 die! Good, friendly customer service too and a site full of delightful miniatures, some of which I've no doubt will be finding their way into my collection. 

I highly recommend having a browse. I'll post up a picture in due course once the Dompfaff is built, painted and launched from the Sarissa SF hanger!


  1. Ooooh, you kept that order secret, you dastardly fiend!!


    1. Lord Curr's Company have a sophisticated counter-espionage protocol that obviously worked, Sir!