In Her Majesty's Name Campaign: The Super Weapon

The rebellious Lord Curr is developing a secret Super Weapon which he plans to use to destroy the Royal Palace! His top scientist, Professor. D. Belfry-Chuffnell only needs three pieces of vital intelligence to complete the deadly project. As a result, Lord Curr is using all the resources he can employ to track down the information. However, HRH Queen Victoria's spies have discovered this plot and will stop at nothing to thwart Lord Curr's plans...

This is the story charting our campaign as it progresses. Each campaign scenario will be supported by a developing back story, The Super Weapon. This narrative will be fully edited and proofed, bringing all the elements into a single short story, after the campaign has concluded in homage to In Her Majesty's Name, written by Charles Murton and Craig Cartmell.


Objectives / statutes:

  • Company starting points: 250
  • Intelligence information required to complete the Super Weapon: 3
  • The Super Weapon: if deployed, it must be piloted by Lord Curr and one other 'character' from his Company
  • The Spoils of War (XP): Post battle, any VPs are converted into XP which, (excluding new recruits), can be spent on equipment from the Armoury, Talents, Mystical Powers, Character attributes
  • The Spoils of War (£ Funding): Post battle, additional funds are provided by the Company sponsors which can be spent on hiring recruits
  • Company win, D3x10 £s, Company lose, D3x5 £s

The Landscapes, Scenarios and Complications:

  • For this Campaign, there will be six main scenarios with a possible seventh, depending on the outcome of the first scenario
  • The Grand Finale will see either Lord Curr attacking the Royal Palace - with the Super Weapon if his company manage to collect all 3 pieces of vital intelligence, or the Victoria Palace Company assaulting Lord Curr's Laboratory and Hanger complex
  • Each scenario will be revealed on this page, with its accompanying AAR, as the campaign progresses

Campaign summary and Battle reports

Scenario One: Gunfire in the Piazza! After recent skirmishes with Royalist forces led by HRH Queen Victoria, the rebellious Lord Curr and his Company - Q Division, Extraordinary Affairs - have embarked on a clandestine campaign to gather three pieces of vital intelligence they need to complete the construction of a secret Super Weapon. Moreover, the target is the British monarchy itself! With a select few from his company, they set off for Italy where, at a Venetian piazza, they plan to intercept a courier who by nefarious means Lord Curr has learnt may be in possession of vital information that will lead them to the location of the missing intelligence they need. However, Queen Victoria's extensive spy network has uncovered the rebel peers' plot, in so far as his intentions in Venice at least. What Lord Curr's wider plans are is still unknown. But whatever it is, it is likely represents a clear and present danger to the British Empire. His planned abduction of a legitimate courier must be stopped at all costs.

Location Italy - Campaign game 1 Battle Report: Gunfire in the Piazza! (Wee Blokes AAR). 

Scenario two: The Badlands After successfully intercepting and capturing a courier at a Venetian piazza and repulsing an ambush from Queen Victoria's operatives, Lord Curr has the first piece of the information he needs to progress his plans to develop a Super Weapon. That information came from the erstwhile courier, Elvira Syng, who was severely wounded by machine gun fire from the strongman, Mohan Singh. Once the Royalist agents had fled the piazza, Lord Curr ordered the injured courier to be given immediate medical aid and moved as quickly as possible to a secure location in a less salubrious Venetian suburb. He wanted her alive. After incarceration and interrogation - and a chance romance with one of her captors, Elvira revealed intelligence leading to a wealthy Hungarian mathematician called Csongor Bolyai, who had allegedly departed the city of Debrecen some years previously in dubious circumstances and fled to the remote south-western United States of America.
Location United States of America - Campaign game 2 Battle Report: The Badlands (Wee Blokes AAR) 

Scenario three: A Town called Obsession After meeting with Csongor Bolyai at Rancho del Mundo, his remote American ranch, Lord Curr has secured at huge cost crucial research that will progress the development of the Super Weapon. However, his Company is ambushed by Queen Victoria's agents at a place called Scorpion Hollow whilst returning to a rendezvous with a chartered steamer. Scorpion Hollow proved disastrous for Lord Curr; a fierce firefight with the British, a monstrous encounter with local wildlife and Lord Curr's faithful hound, Dakota, is separated from the company. However, with the aid of a veteran trail guide called Coughin' Pat Vermillion, Lord Curr's battered company return to Rancho del Mundo where they devise a plan to find and recover Dakota at a small river town called Obsession.

Location United States of America - Campaign game 3 Battle Report: A town called Obsession  (Wee Blokes AAR) 

Scenario four: Encounter in Debrecen The sleepy river town of Obsession is abruptly awoken as Lord Curr’s clandestine operation to rescue Dakota – and a copy of the secret research hidden in his collar – is thwarted once again by the British after a fierce gunfight in the centre of town. And events take a treacherous turn within Lord Curr's company. A second daring rescue attempt to recover Dakota is undertaken, this time aided by Csongor Bolyai’s improbable Automated Electro-Mechanical Discombobulating Arachnid device. Eventually, after a lengthy and arduous return to Lord Curr’s European headquarters in the Swiss Alps, Lord Curr is once again tipped off by his enigmatic Hungarian ally, which leads to Saint Anne's Cathedral in the city of Debrecen. 
Location Hungary - Campaign game 4 Battle Report: An encounter in Debrecen 

Scenario five: The Inventor's House What should have been an easy operation to recover documents in the grounds of St. Anne’s cathedral in Debrecen turned out to be a debacle. Lord Curr is suspicious of his erstwhile ally Csongor Bolyai and with evidence provided by professor Belfry-Chuffnell, he devises a plan to covertly sound out the Hungarian polymath at a fundraising ball hosted by the banker Lambert Trémaux in Geneva. At the ball, Lord Curr’s agents are presented with a useful lead in the guise of Duarte Cavaco, a specialist in chemical propulsion technology based at his villa in Portugal. Lord Curr's agents also make a shocking discovery.

Location Portugal - Campaign game 5 Battle Report: The Inventor's House 
TO BE CONTINUED (expected spring 2017): After a fierce engagement with the British in Portugal and the devastating loss of some of his most loyal servants, Lord Curr has failed to secure the valuable services of the chemical propulsion theorist and inventor, Duarte Cavaco. The British Monarchists appear to be unstoppable. Lord Curr's sponsors are threatening to withhold funds and insist the Super Weapon is completed on time. It's now all or nothing for Lord Curr and his Company.

You can view/download the full story as it progresses from the following link:  IHMN: The Super Weapon (Google Docs)