Battleshed Diaries

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Chase me!

I’ve long wanted to try a set of gladiator rules. I’ve no idea why I haven’t after years of tabletop gaming. It’s probably down to the usual prospect of finding regular opponents which, for me, is a key factor when deciding to invest in a particular system. Mostly. I still have my fair share of rules purchased with the usual gusto along with their unpainted miniatures that’ve been languishing in dusty half-forgotten storage trays after an all too brief encounter on the Battleshed table.

So, when Sam Pate suggested we try out another set of rules from 2Hour Wargames -  this time simulating the gladiatorial period from around 264BC to its abolishment in 681AD - when desperate combatants valiantly fought for the chance of freedom for the callous amusement of the mob, I was keen to give them a try. Come on! Gladiators! I have Hans Zimmer's theme tune playing as I write this! The format ticks a lot of boxes for my particular gaming proclivities; strongly narrative and campaign focused, relatively quick to play, requires few (and optional) miniatures and minimal terrain. And caters for solo play. Tick, tick, tick!

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Back in the Groove

I was quite looking forward to a welcome and restorative return to gaming back at my local club yesterday, after a difficult few weeks for me personally, but found myself in a bit of a quandary. What to play? I felt I needed to play something that was familiar so I could enjoy a game without rule thumbing and which also didn’t require too much preparation. And preferably a game that was a good multiplayer and a laugh to boot. Quite a considerable number of gaming systems sprang to mind with that rather vague proviso!

So, whilst dithering through the Battleshed rule library (OK, rule pile), my eye was eventually drawn to the tottering stack of board games. A nostalgic theme tune popped into my head and before I knew it I was making arrangements with one of my gaming buddies to put on demo game at the club.

Saturday, 15 October 2016


The last three weeks have been the toughest of my life as I lost my dad on 30th September. He was my rock, as he was for my younger brother, James. I was unsure whether to divulge our loss on this platform but it was dad that made me what I am today, with my varied interests, experiences and a family that I dearly love. Thanks so much dad!

His Eulogy is copied below for my readers that may be interested in the man that guided this gamer.

For anyone else, apologies for my indulgence on this occasion. Please skip this postI. I hope you understand. Normal service will resume shortly.

Saturday, 8 October 2016

Considering terrain

For those of us constantly swapping from one genre or rule set to another on a regular basis, and complicating matters even more by actually going out and travelling to other gamer gatherings, the well-known issue of transportable and multi-purpose terrain will be familiar dilemma. Mobilescape Adventures might have the solution for you…