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Tuesday, 14 June 2016


An old-school ruleset played for the first time by a middle-aged gamer. Yep, that's me. And it was 15mm too! What is going on? Some unforeseen reaction to recent SAGA overload? Yet Another 'new' system to be added to the list that never should be? Maybe Jimboba at Warchest, high in his Mage Tower, had finally conjured a spell of '15mm Avidity' on me? Whatever the reason, I've at long last ticked off Hoards of the Things from my wargaming roll.

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Dance of Power SAGA campaign battle result #2

Factions: Fearghas MacCoinnich of the Scots raiding Duke Nuquem le Batard of the Normans
Scenario: Harry and Burn (Raid)
Result: Draw 

Scots Post battle:

Losses: 3 Warriors from unit 1 (of 12), 1 from unit of 2 (of 4) after heavy Norman crossbow onslaught.
Recruitment (additional spending -1 Wealth): 4 Warriors added to second unit making it 7 Warriors strong.
Spoils of War: None – draw
Fate: Poor bloody Harvest: - 1 Wealth!
Warlord: Severe Wound – must Defend next season and loses 1 Attack die permanently!
Illegal Roster: the loss of 2 Wealth (additional recruitment and poor harvest) means the Scots can only field I Warrior unit (must be the largest) until his Wealth increases. This unit is not lost, just temporarily sent home!

Normans Post Battle

Losses: 2 Warriors from unit 2 (of 4, non-crossbows)
Recruitment: 2 Warriors replace losses
Spoils of War: None – draw
Fate: Famine and Flood: - 1 Land!
Warlord: Severe Wound – must Defend next season and loses 1 Attack die permanently!
Please see the Dance of Power Campaign Page for more information

Sunday, 5 June 2016

Saturday, 4 June 2016

Fun with bricks

I've been trying my hand at bricklaying recently. I got so carried away that I built a Wizard's Tower and now a Roman Temple is under construction. It's hard work, this brick-work malarkey!