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Tuesday 21 June 2016

Dane of Power SAGA campaign battle result #3

Factions: Ubba of the Anglo-Danes raiding Fearghas MacCoinnich of the Scots
Scenario: The Escort (Raid)
Result: Scots Victory

Scots Post battle:

Losses:  -1 Warrior from unit 1 (of 9)
Recruitment:  +4 Levy added to existing bow armed unit
Spoils of War: +1 Reputation for defending, +1 Campaign Victory Point
Fate: Famine and Flood - 1 Land! (The Scots must have offended the Gods, again!)

Anglo Danes Post Battle

Losses: -2 Warriors from unit 2 (of 10)
Recruitment: +2 Warriors replace losses
Spoils of War: None
Fate: 2D6 Levy = 8 Levy! (to form new unit on roster)

Other Events concluding season one:


Ubba of the Anglo-Danes offered Danegeld to Orm Tostesson to stop the Viking raiding his lands this fighting season. Orm agreed, at the price of 1 Reputation.

Sadly, both the Norman Warlord, Duke Thibaud De Payen and the Irish Warlord, Abhartach MacLaren, have left the campaign due to a dispute over length of time taken to arrange their battle for season one.

State of Play after season one:

The Scots warlord, Fearghas MacCoinnich, fought three testing battles over the course of season one. He stuffered a severe wound in a fierce duel with the Norman Duke Nuquem le Batard that will permanently reduce his fighting effectiveness - although none of his retinue are brave enough to openly say it for fear of losing their head. His warband is battered and weakened, his lands left in a parlous state after a disastrous harvest leading to famine and flood. Tax income is low for fear of open rebellion and his coffers dwindling after the cost of replacing slain warriors. His loyal Hearthguard are still resolute and a few enthusiastic but naive young farmers have formed a bow-armed levy. However, with finances low and his land’s desperately needing attending, he has been forced to send some of his warriors back to their families and the fields, leaving him able to only support one weakened warrior unit. Recuperating from his battle wound, he will be forced to Defend his lands the next fighting season.

Duke Nuquem le Batard, angered by the barbarian chieftain’s impertinent raid on one of his outlying northern villages and also suffering a severe wound as a consequence of his brave duel with Scots Warlord did, however, prove his formidable fighting prowess and military skills. He expertly led the defence of his lands, without a single village building being destroyed and instilling fear and respect of the Norman’s deadly crossbows in the Scots ranks. The terrible famine and flood afflicting the lands have equally impacted the Norman realm, but expert logistical skills amongst his retainers have ensured an adequate supply of grain. With his minimal losses replaced by fresh recruits, the Duke’s powerbase seems as strong as ever. However, similar to his Scots enemy, his battle-wounds will also mean he will be forced to forego any unnecessary marching – at the insistence of his healers – for the following season.

The Viking warlord, Torbjorn Mjolnir, opened the first fighting season with a bold scouting raid deep into the Scottish highlands. The attack was eventually repulsed but the Vikings only whetted their appetite for destruction, plunder and battle-honour even further - especially amongst the frenzied and infamous berserkers. All the various factions have received reports and now know the name Torbjorn Mjolnir and fear Vikings are stirring once again. They are looking to their defences. Who knows where this restless Viking Warlord will turn his ambitious eyes next?

Ubba of the Anglo-Danes led a daring ambush on one of the Scots supply trains returning from their unsuccessful raid into the Norman lands. The Scots were desperate for the supplies to get through and by more luck than skill, somehow barely managed to escape the trap. However, the raid only enhanced the respect for Ubba amongst his men and as a result even more men joined his force to form a second unit of Levy.

With more fighters flocking to his growing warband, Ubba’s spies uncovered a plot by the Viking Warlord Orm Tostesson to raid into his territory. Ubba shrewdly decided to bide his time - for now -  sending ambassadors and scribes to the Viking chief’s Court. Negotiations proved successful and, temporarily forgoing a slight knock to his reputation, he managed to stall the Vikings, buying valuable time to prepare his experienced and growing warband to exploit future opportunities.

Whilst this season has proved peaceful in the lands of ruled by Rhisiart ap Ieuan of the Welsh, Zappa de la Rocca of the Franks and Torstein "Hammeren" Skjeggestad of the Vikings, news of raids and incursions in their rival’s lands soon reached their courts. They all knew the unusually long peace would come to an end sooner or later and now they had proof that war is closing in. Spies and scribes are dispatched and their forces drilled. Supplies are prepared and stores fortified. These Warlords now spend long hours in counsel with their advisors ruminating over often conflicting reports. The new fighting season will be soon upon them. Now may be the time to take advantage whilst rivals are distracted. Time to strike whilst their forces are weakened. Time to join the Dance of Power…

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