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Tuesday 5 July 2016

Back soon!

As you may have noticed I’ve been a bit quiet recently. Its one of those occasional periods where our hobby has to take a back seat to real life commitments and responsibilities. I anticipate this continuing for the next few weeks or so – although some of that is due to being away on a walking holiday at the end of this month. I’ll continue reporting on the ongoing SAGA campaign as and when games are played though. 

Sometimes it’s good to step back and take a breather, refreshed and ready for the multiple projects I’ve piling up on the gaming front.  

I anticipate returning to the blogosphere in early September 2016. Back soon!

Update! (01/09/16)

You know that feeling when you arrive back home after a long holiday? You put the key in the door, step over the mountain of junk mail and haul in your luggage that somehow has accumulated a nest of stickers and tags that you didn't start out with. Then, once you've got the kettle going you pace around, opening curtains, unlocking windows and despair at the jungle that is now your garden? Well… that’s the kinda’ feeling I have with Battleshed Diaries right now. I’m back and just doing the ‘pacing about bit’. Normal service should resume in next few days…

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