Battleshed Diaries

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

A farewell to Henry Hyde at the helm of MWBG

One of the biggest stories in our hobby the last month has been the surprise announcement that Henry Hyde tendered his resignation as editor of Miniature Wargames with Battlegames magazine. Issue 402 will be his last at the helm. For those that subscribe to this magazine (myself included) it came as a bit of a shock, which naturally generated much ‘speculation’ on the various hobby news and social media sites.

For those of us interested in the reasons behinds Henry’s decision you can find it from the man himself over at a special edition (178) of the Meeples and Miniatures podcast. 

I heartily recommend a listen as not only does Henry provide his candid opinion on recent events, he also gives his qualified and perceptive insight into the world of hobby publishing, editorship and the current state of the gaming communities that make up our hobby. He also hints on the possible future direction of MWBG  - or Miniature Wargames as it will be - and its relationship with its sister publication, tabletop gaming . He also touches on his future plans, including the nascent Gladius Publications and a foray into fantasy fiction which particularly piqued my interest.

I for one, fully admire Henry’s longstanding editorship over the tears and I regularly delve into my copy of his authoritive and comprehensive, The Wargaming Compendium. So from one lowly gamer, good luck Henry!

Inciting the Mob

A prestigious line-up of the ancient world’s finest charioteers, showing off their expertise and competing for fame and glory down at the renowned Falkirk Hippodrome. A billing that included the likes of Romulus, Gilgamesh, Medb and Teukros steering their chariots with elegance and skill over the course of two laps to the frenzied cheers and applaud of the Mob...

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Tezert's dungeon – part two

Two competing bands of hardy adventurers led by Magi Bayaz and Enchanter Cornelius are still battling diabolical manifestations deep within an ancient dungeon, long lost amongst the vast ruins of Felstad. A small group of soldiers have discovered an unusually large, locked door. The thrum and tingle of magical energies emanate from heavily carved inscriptions etched into its blackened timbers. Strange, mournful sounds reverberate. What’s behind the door?

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Curiosities for the discerning

A quick assortment of oddments for you today involving Demon Possessed Dwarfs and Halflings, a Victorian era specialist in Mythobiology and a 21st century behemoth's trouble with chariots.

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Tezert's dungeon – part one

After escaping a cultist infested cavern, the two bands of adventures scour the icy ruins of Felstad. They eventually pick up the trail once more, leading them to an ancient dungeon and the probable source of the recent powerful magical disturbances and supernatural phenomena...

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

The Gall-Gaedhil at the Burgh

No, not a Gaelic folk band playing at some bohemian festival. You really wouldn’t want these gentlemen in your band. They’d intimidate the audience. Or worse. No, these are Norse-Gael mercenaries for SAGA, brought in under the Swords for Hire option.

Saturday, 3 September 2016

Felstad down below

Magi Bayaz and his company are on the trail of a band of Cultists and a Minor Demon last seen near the Wizard’s Tower, calling out for the Frost Giant, Svanfus. When the Cultists discover the aftermath of the recent battle that took place there, they quickly withdraw into the ruins of Felstad. The Cultists are easily tracked though, their trail poorly disguised in their haste to get away. It leads to the entrance of a cavern on the side of a wooded hill…

Friday, 2 September 2016

The wanderer returns

The Battleshed lights flicker on. The familiar aroma of paint, glue and that particular mustiness associated with sidestreet bookshops. Grimhag the resident spider has been busy the last few weeks. She must have had her spidery friends over for a party judging by the web festooned chariot racing construction site on the Battleshed table. Crunch. Bugger! Stepped on a miniature. Pulls it from the dust. Well, the infantryman can at least shoot around corners now!