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Tuesday 14 April 2015

SAGA Revenants

There was an intriguing teaser the last couple of days on the Gripping Beast web site (recently refurbished) regarding a new faction for SAGA , Revenants. Yes, it looks like the undead fashion never, um, dies. 

SAGA has always been a very historical-lite skirmish game, with no pretences to be otherwise. But with this announcement I was wary of the direction Gripping beast are going with this. Not that I have any problems with it, being a fantasy player too, and I suppose this adds flexibility for a wider range of players, having a foot in both the fantasy and entry historical arenas.

"...this faction is not part of the main SAGA canon and as such is not for tournament play. It is designed to give you something different and fun to play between friends or at friendly club meetings. We hope you enjoy it!"

The blurb says it's based on the "...myths, legends, sagas and superstitions of the Early Middle Ages" and is certainly coincidental for me having just read 'The Enterprise of Death' by Jess Bullington, (adults only), which was set in the late 15th century and indeed centred around necromancy and the undead, or revenants. It'll probably cause some noise on the forums, but hey, anything new always does. Some will love it, some hate it and many will be ambivalent. Each to their own is my motto.

Click on image below for full details...


  1. I saw this being trailed as well and read the predictable beardy moaning as well. As ever, some folk seem to have problems with the "well, dont' use that faction then" idea.

  2. Ooh! Looks interesting...especially with Frostgrave around the corner and Dragon Rampant due out in December.