Battleshed Diaries

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Incoming - latest additions to the Battleshed

After a couple of hours in the Battleshed breathing in that heady mix of laser-cut MDF and PVA glue, three more scenery models have been added to my collection. These were the Sarissa Precision kits that I bought back in February whilst at Vapnartak, the York Wargames show. 

The first two (left to right in picture below) are from Sarissa's 28mm Sc-Fi range - the 'Command Pod - Communications' and the 'Hanger and Strong Point Landing Pod Top'. The third model is from their Old West range, the 'Wind Water Pump'.

Command Pod -Communications, Hanger & Strong Point Landing Pod, Old West Wind Water Pump

The two Sci-Fi buildings were bought with plans for them to be incorporated into a VSF terrain board for In Her Majesty's Name. Various sections from the buildings can be swapped out - for example the Strong Point landing Pod Top can be swapped with the Communications Pod.

Now I've finally got these buildings put together I'm forming ideas about how to progress this board. Add in a few Victorian buildings and a bit of painting and customization and I've got the Headquarters for Lord Curr's Q-Division laboratories, manufacturing and testing area. That hanger is just asking for a good VSF Blimp model! 

The Wind Water Pump is destined for my Dead Man's Hand town, Obsession. It already has a Water Tower but I liked the water pump so much I had to have it! I think it'll be a fine addition.