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Wednesday 6 January 2016

Meanwhile, at a secret ancient test circuit...

Sporting news. The latest entry to the growing list of ancient chariot teams qualifying for the Optimus Maximus World Cup has been announced. The charioteers are currently going through their paces, rattling round a so far undisclosed circuit practising the placement of tactical devices such as caltrops, amphora full of olive oil and generally anything to thwart the opposition and please the Mob.

This Assyrian team, (Caesar Miniatures, 1/72), have joined the race list under the experimental 'Heavy Archer' class for the continuing play-test of the forthcoming rule-set Faustus Furius from Irregular Wars

Sporting a powerful four-horsepower, the team clambered aboard their reinforced chariot surrounded by a mob of cheering fans. The amphora and a large bucket of caltrops were loaded and with the cheering at fever pitch as Yomadan the Archer stepped aboard, the horses moved off in a cloud of dust.

The team then spent a few challenging and slightly chaotic hours on the secret test circuit, experimenting with the chariot and practising their skills against the other teams preparing for the official races. With the sun setting and the Mob mostly dispersed, apart from a few die-hard stalwarts, the Assyrian team wearily trundled back to their camp to rest and see to the horses.

Later, a team meeting was called by their manager, Arik-den-ili, who later revealed to a Roman reported from Mundus Ludo that the chariot and horses performed well but 'they're gonna'[sic]need a bigger rig'. Possibly a four-wheeled chariot will be required to provide more room for Yomadan the Archer to do his thing and to increase the tactical cargo capacity.

Sources say the Assyrian team hopes to have the new prototype ready for the next test session, where it's rumoured a rival Sumerian heavy chariot team will be making their début.

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