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Sunday 24 January 2016

Age of Tyrants

An unusual diversion, for me at least, with my backing of yet another Kickstarter. Unusual because its 6mm Science Fiction! Yep, 6mm. It will be a challenge. I may need new glasses. Hopefully it'll be easier to paint, although painting at such a wee scale will no doubt prove to have its own challenges!

This is Age of Tyrants. Described as a Big Battle 6mm Scale Sci-Fi Tabletop Game designed for Company level battles and upwards.

With some confidence, this project was fully backed within a couple of days, so hopefully there will be a few opponents out there in the near future. I know of at least one of this blog's readers who's also backed this project.

Would you like to command squadrons upon squadrons of huge, heavily armoured tanks? How about great batteries of massive field guns and rockets? Maybe legions upon legions of infantry are more your thing? You can have all these things in the new, massive-scale wargame, Age of Tyrants. Whatever your preference, it will be MASSIVE!

Fore me the answers to the questions posed in the blurb above is yes, yes, depends. I fancy some of that. Quite different to the type of games I usually play. There are some interesting looking vehicles to choose from the four initial factions.

As Sam Pate pointed out though, the infantry look mightily sqishable with all that massive armour trundling about the battlefield. It'll sure be interesting to find out I'm sure!

Of course, I'll be posting about this project as it develops so I'll leave you with the kickstarter and official website links for now, where the beta rules are available for download.

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