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Saturday 21 November 2015

Targe 2015

I had a nice wee trip today to the lovely town of Kirriemuir for Targe 2015. It's the fourth wargames show I've attended this year and the first time at this event hosted by Kirriemuir Wargames Club. And the best bit was that I got a lift with Sam Pate and his lad, meaning I could ride shotgun and admire the beautiful, snow-covered hills and glens as we headed north.

The venue was the local High School, over three large rooms and the odd corridor, with nineteen varied and terrific looking demonstration and participation games, a painting competition - where I came away feeling inadequate after seeing how talented hobbyist's paint - and a busy Bring and Buy.

Which is where I made what is becoming a customary error of making a note of something to come back to, only to find some bugger has nabbed it in my absence! In this case a nice pack of five metal 'Victorian gentlemen' for a fiver. Mind you, Sam did the same with a mat he'd had his eye on. The usual array of gamer refreshments were available; the 'something' in a bun variety. I did have a very nice coronation chicken roll though.

Whilst Sam and his son were having a blast with a couple of the participation games - an Ancients Naval game and a WW2 special forces game (Action at Wadi El Khazi! A raid on a German desert airbase) - I hit the trade stall circuit. On my 'list' of  things to look out for were any suitable SF miniatures I could use with Infinity and Victorian SF buildings or miniatures for use with In Her Majesty's Name, especially for our campaign's 'grand finale' board. Yes, I'm still working on it.  

Action at Wadi El Khazi!

Spot the Sam Pate...
The spoils? Well, I kinda' stuck to the list. I think I'm getting more disciplined at trade shows. Or maybe the number of painting and terrain projects I have backing up tempered unnecessary spending. Or I'm just tighter these days. Nevertheless, here's the spoils from Kirriemuir:

A lovely omnibus (£7), omnibus metal miniature set (£7.50) and two carthorses (£2.50 each) from Warbases. I couldn't resist. They'll be a nice addition to the IHMN campaign board. Which means I'll have to paint them first. Drat.

Omnibus and Carthorses from Warbases

It should look something like this!

Over at Colonel Bills Wargaming Depot I came across some miniatures under the Depot Battalion range, especially the Non Playing Character & Humour Sets

I simply couldn't resist True Grit - the Duke on the John. I now have a miniature to go with the thunder boxes scattered around Obsession, my Old West town.  

I also recommend the delights of the Belt Fed range. Trust me, just have a look.

Oi! Where's tha' thunderbox gone?!

So that's it. A small but interesting haul. No SF miniatures caught my eye though. Of course I would have had a box of Victorian gentlemen if it wasn't for the secret nabber.

I did bump into David Knight from Falkirk District Wargames club, which I hope to start regularly attending from next week. David was kind enough to visit the Battleshed a while back for a game of Dux Bellorum.  Falkirk is a well-attended club playing a large variety of games and periods. Unfortunately, with work and travel time, I've found it difficult in the past to attend the weeknight session in descent time, but now I feel it's doable. I'm looking forward to meeting the chaps in the near future. In fact, I think I may have been roped into a LotR game next month! Thanks David!

Stand out demonstration game for me at Targe was the Battle of Preston 1715 from Border Reivers. A superb recreation of the streets of Preston, the last battle on English soil between Jacobite supporters of James III and the Government army of George I. I've never played this period (yet!) although certainly a period I'm interested in. I had a lovely chat (apologies, didn't catch his name) with the chap hosting the game. All the wonderful buildings are scratch built MDF! Most excellent.

Targe proved to be a lovely wee show. Not as big as some of the other Scottish events, but nevertheless a delightful place to visit and a well organised, friendly show. It's certainly been added to my wargaming calendar for next year.

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