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Sunday 1 November 2015

The Bonnie Mae rides again

Another epic game of Firefly at my local club this weekend. Similar to the recent game held in the Battleshed, it was another with all current expansions in play. However, this time there were six players (or pilots) enjoying the game over two days

As Livingston Battleground are lucky to have a both a Friday and Saturday morning sessions booked in the same room we can start a game on a Friday evening and happily, and securely, leave for resumption the next day - after a bacon butty in the canteen below. I assume vegetabalist options are available.

This was another immensely enjoyable game. Plenty of room - as posted previously, Firefly needs lots of card space! Six eager pilots, all but one of whom had played before. And we had a regular player acting as host and 'banker'. Plus intrigued onlookers!

You can imagine the banter! I've posted the merits of Firefly before.  Suffice to say, I came away with a huge, cheesy grin, mostly because I won!

Despite all the false allegiances, negotiations, back-stabbing and countless run-ins with Alliance and Reaver ships, I quietly set about the game objective - the pilot with the most unique Solid Contacts before the depletion of available 'Goal' tokens. 

My cunning plan was not to get embroiled with the inevitable pilot politics in the Core systems, competing amongst the most popular trading planets. It got real messy in there, with a cluster of rival pilots, including Alliance and Reaver complications. I did manage to acquire 'Vera' the sniper rifle though.

Instead, I upgraded the Bonnie Mae with an extra emergency burner (bought after short trip to Silverhold) and pocketed a couple of jobs way out in the Rim. Yes, there were Reaver risks, but as I'd made some early contacts in the central system I concluded the odds were better out there than being embroiled with the pilot scrum.

Firefly. A truly epic board game. Solo to 6 players.

 Did I mention I won?

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