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Sunday 15 November 2015

Infinite Nano Burgers!

With some of my fellow gamers at my local club currently absorbed with Infinity, the subject of terrain often comes up. This system requires lots of cover, whether that is a cityscape, jungle, forest etc. So a gamer-huddle formed (you know what I mean!) when club member, Ian, brought along a couple of new buildings for use in a recent game.

It went something like this:

The huddle: Nice! Where did you get those?
Ian: They're from a Polish company called ZEN TERRAIN

The huddle: Are they MDF?
Ian: Yep, high quality 3mm MDF. They come unpainted and unassembled. They're from the 28mm Sci-fi range.

The huddle: How long did they take to deliver?
Ian: I ordered on 18/10 and they were despatched 23/10; I think I got it on the Tue 27 or Wed 28 so approximately 7 or 8 working days.

The huddle: How much did it cost?
Ian: I ordered six 'Hab' units' (2 x 3 bundle packs), the Fast Food Stall and an expansion set of accessories. Taking into account Pound/Euro conversion, the total cost was about £50, including £10 postage. The postage is based on weight. The 3 pack of Hab buildings works out at about £17.

The huddle: What was the order process like?
Ian: Great - they emailed me each step of the way. Your first order gets you get a 5% discount code.

The huddle: What about assembly?  
Ian: The parts are all pre cut. No sprues or trimming.  No other prep required. Assembly, using a big tub of PVA glue, was probably medium difficulty for the Habs - like a 4Ground kit. There's actually more parts to them than you think which helps gives them more 'relief' - not too flat looking.

The huddle: How did you prime it?
Ian:  For he first couple I used GW white primer on top of the grey. The later ones I used Halfords white primer. I didn't go for a thick, full white coverage, I wanted the grey to come through a little to make it a wee bit faded. I'll probably do a bit of weathering too. I've tried using white primer directly on mdf before and the results have been patchy. The grey primer certainly helped. And Halfords spray nozzles give a nice even finish!

The huddle: How did you paint it?
Ian: The colour accents are just with either Vallejo of GW paints. Everything was painted before assembly

The huddle: Plans for any more?
Ian: I like the look of the Bike Bar. I've also seen forum posts suggesting they've got a Police Station coming soon. Complete with interior! The items are a fantastic price for the quality and detail. Now, are we going to play Infinity or what...?

Thanks Ian. So there you go. Another terrain company to consider. I certainly am!

Nano Burger anyone?

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