Battleshed Diaries

Monday 1 June 2015

We all got pieces of crazy in us, some bigger pieces than others


A flurry of cards, hilarity and poorly executed wild west accents was in full swing at the weekend. Yes, it was a return to Dead Man's Hand! Having arranged a two-player game I used the opportunity to bring boards 1 and 2 from my Wild West town, Obsession, to my local club. I'm going to have to get a van if ever all four boards are going to be transported regularly!

So what was originally planned as a two player skirmish turned into a four player mass shoot-out, with the Lawmen, Cowboys, Desperados and Pinkertons all battling for control of the town. We decided on 18 rep, with 3 cards in the Hand for this game. Last man standing.

I had the Lawmen, and my nearest enemy gang were the Desperados, who didn't need any encouragement to brazenly charge across the street, containing most of the dithering sheriff's men in the alley between the undertakers and the construction site. They had no qualms unloading both barrels of their shotguns at point-blank range either! Suffice to say, the Lawmen struggled, some even trying to make a final stand on the undertaker's roof - until the Sheriff himself got a face full of shot and his deputies bottled it.

Over on the other side of town there was plenty of action, mostly close range as the Cowboys and Pinkertons went right at it with mass close range shoot-outs, with multiple Quick Shots being burned in a single turn! Cards were played, guns jammed and a few combatants Stumbled as they darted for cover, firing from windows and balconies.

In the end, only the Pinkertons and the Desperados were left standing. Both gangs took the fight into the centre of the town, but it was the Desperado's firepower that eventually won the day, the Pinkertons resistance finally crumbling as their casualties mounted. As always with Dead Man's Hand, it was great fun to play!


  1. Thanks Gordon. You'll probably see all of it at some point this month ;)