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Sunday 21 June 2015

Hornet Leader: Carrier Air Operations

Another day, another purchase.  Still keeping with the aeronautical theme of late, I've ordered up the solitaire / team play game that that spans US naval aviation service life of the F/A-18 Hornet in the form of Hornet Leader: Carrier Air Operations, published by DVG
I've read a number of reviews for this game, which I understand is the progenitor of the X Leader series. As with Wings of Glory, I'm a late newcomer to these systems so I'll at least have a myriad of web sites and forums to refer to.

I'd  mentally bookmarked Hornet Leader upon reading reviews in various forums thinking that a relatively complex solitaire game is something I could get my teeth into where gaming opponents aren't readily available. After all, if I can play Civilisation on my laptop for a few hours, then why not try some old-school gaming?

Flicking through the July edition of Miniature Wargames, I found Brad Harmer's positive review of Hornet leader all the incentive I needed to dive in and finally pick up a decent solitaire game. With a bit of interweb searching and forum surfing, Board Game Extras now have my order.  

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