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Saturday 15 March 2014

There's Vikings in the Long House!

More tough and grueling fighting between the Scots and the Vikings today with a game of Saga at Livingston Battleground. Ian brought his excellent 4Ground buildings - including the Long House which the adversaries were attempting to capture and hold.

On the first turn (Vikings had the initiative), the Vikings managed to get a small Hearthguard unit advanced, threatening to take the Long house first, so the Scots used their mounted Hearthguard to head them off - which led to an engagement before the first turn was even over! The attempt failed, as the small Scots cavalry contingent were lost with the remainder of the Viking Hearthguard eventually finding safety in the Long House. 

The game then mostly orientated around some bitter fighting between the bulk of the enemy units outside the entrance on the other side of the building. When the allotted game time was up, both sides were greatly reduced, but the Vikings had the majority units, and crucially, two mostly intact units defending the Long house, despite a frenzied final set of attacks by one of the Scots warrior units
More Saga next week. Learning more about using the faction abilities every game - which is what its all about! Love it!

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