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Saturday 29 March 2014

SAGA: AAR - I cannae' swim , Chief!

The saga continues...

Today's game over at Livingston Battleground saw the Scots and Vikings attempting to cross a river, by way of two fords, to control the lands on the other-side.

The Scots got the initiative roll and deployed half their units first; the Vikings then deployed all their forces with the Viking warlord and multiple hearth-guard units concentrating strength on one ford and their remaining warriors and berserkers lining up for a foray on the other.

The Scots fielded their newly formed levy archers, positioning them between the two fords to provide supporting fire and, maximizing their ranged ability, lined up a large group of levy javelins along with a strong mounted hearth-guard unit to take the ford opposed by the Viking warriors and berserkers. Scots warriors and a smaller hearth-guard unit positioned at the other ford.

The Scots mounted hearth-guards quickly took advantage of their long movement and activated twice to cross the ford and head deep into the Viking flank in turn one. This manoeuvre set the narrative as this powerful cavalry unit initially drew some Viking warriors away from the nearest ford to attempt an intercept but the canny cavalry then dodged them and made a long run straight along the rear of the Viking lines to bear down on the Viking warlord at the other ford!

It was clear that the Scots, still smarting from the surprise attack on their warlord in the final turn of the last battle, wanted to restore honour and were out to deliver a similar fate to the Viking boss! The trap was sprung and the Viking war boss and his faithful hearth-guard found themselves funnelled into the tight confines of the ford with Scots warriors and archers to the fore and heavy cavalry at their backs!

However, the Vikings did manage to get most of their warriors and berserkers across the other ford, as they only had the Scots javelin levy opposing the crossing once the Scots cavalry had moved away. The javelins let them come on, firing off volleys as they manoeuvred to keep their distance from the Viking marauders, knowing the devastation they would unleash if they got into melee.

On the last turn, the courageous Viking war boss finally succumbed to the numerous Scots spears, although the Vikings did have slightly more VPs with their warriors and berserkers over the river - the Scots failed to get a crucial saga dice roll to activate the javelin levy poised to attempt the thin the ranks of the weak-armoured berserkers!

Another draw, and another superb game!

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