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Saturday 22 March 2014

SAGA: AAR - Chin Rubbing

Yet another clash between the Scots and Vikings today at Livingston Battleground. I thoroughly enjoyed this one; I think Ian and I are now getting fully to grips with Saga rules to the point where we're both concentrating on our 'Battle boards', planning our strategy and tactics, as it should be.

Today's game saw us both deep in thought with much chin-rubbing! The scenario has pretty simple - take and hold the hill in the centre marked with the Celtic cross.

I used two small mounted Hearthguard units, followed up by a large unit of warriors with a war banner to quickly take the hill; there followed a lot of tactical maneuvering and probing and clashes along the lines with the hill changing hands a number of times. By the end, both sides were considerably reduced, with two battered Scots units still on the hill.

But in a shock last ditch charge, those bloody Viking Berserkers, who spent much of the game lurking in the woods, made a charge on the fatigued Scots War Boss, who had only just repelled another unit of Viking warriors on his other flank! The Scots War Boss put up a brave fight but succumbed to the frenzied attacks from the berserkers. Since time was up and the Scots had a relatively strong position on the hill, we called it a draw!

Damn good game and up for more next week!

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