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Saturday 16 August 2014

SAGA: AAR - Mead, Honour and Testosterone

Thanks to Jamie (Livingston Battleground) for the game of SAGA this morning.

The scenario had my Scots warlord facing off the Anglo Saxon warlord at short range from the start, with their respective armies deploying well out of range, wondering where their chiefs had got to?

For this, it's was all about the warlords facing off, after rumours and accusations of each other's over familarity with certain livestock became the talk of the mead-halls; so, they were given 12 hits (or 'wounds') each to slug it out before their support arrived.

The advantage was with the Scots though, who got the initiative and, decisively, had four mounted Hearthguard primed to ambush the unsupported Saxon warlord from the off. 

After a lot of brave/stupid charges from both sides and questionable strategic manoeuvring, the Scots warband took the battle on end turn seven, with the Scots warboss on 10 Saves to the Saxon' s 5, although the Saxon's Hearthguard performed a ferocious assault on the Scots warriors screening their boss on the last turn, attempting to clear the way for the Saxon leader to follow through.

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