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Monday 18 August 2014

Meets the Standard

After a long hiatus with regards to my painting schedule, I finally got the brushes out and made a start on the 'Lead Mountain'. I did have an incentive to kick-start the painting though, as I need to paint up two new recruits for my current campaign warband, based on the First Law books by Joe Abercrombie. More of which on a later post.

However, I've had a Dwarf Standard Bearer miniature hanging patiently about my paint table for what seems like ages, so I started with him. I forget where I purchased the miniature, as he's been dwelling in the aforementioned Lead mountain for so long. He came without the actual 'standard', just the pole and cross-support, so I rummaged in my bit box and found a suitable flag from one of the Warhammer Fantasy parts. After a  little slicing and filing I painted the Standard separately, adding some spare transfer designs that I thought looked suitably Dwarfish'.

So finally, Gilic Firmfoot, Standard Bearer, will now join my other battle-hardened Dwarf lads, anticipating his chance to stand short and proud in the next adventure!

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