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Wednesday 7 June 2017

Professor Belfry-Chuffnell and the Yates Brothers

Three upstanding gentlemen joined the Battleshed's In Her Majesty's Name barracks this week: The Brothers Yates and Professor Donald Belfry-Chuffnell.

To be truthful, only the professor could be accurately titled 'upstanding'. A brilliant scientist in the field of Advanced Chemocybernetics and head of department for Lord Curr's Q Division - Extraordinary Affairs. At least, he is as long as he isn't being abducted by criminal gangs and rival companies.

Professor Donald Belfry-Chuffnell [Miniature, 28mm metal by Pulp Figures and purchased through North Star Military Figures, part of the 'Mad Science' set]

LEAD ADVENTURE: metal, 28mm Special Assault Team (VSF-11) front view
Ric Yates (left), Daniel Yates (right)
The Yates Brothers: Daniel Yates is the elder of the two brother by two years and formerly a bombardier in the Royal Artillery, before he was convicted by Court Marshal and subsequently dishonourably discharged along with his friend and associate, Burton Cartwright, who also served as a Gunner in the same Field Artillery battery. Daniel Yates is resourceful and loquacious, but maligned by a manipulative and vindictive disposition coupled with a profound disdain for authority. Before being thrown out of the army he demonstrated an aptitude for explosives and demolitions, a talent that he fostered upon return to his home city of Manchester and reunion with his younger brother.

Richard ('Ric') Yates: A sullen sociopath and the antithesis of his brother, whose notoriety and lawlessness inevitably led him being incarcerated at Her Majesty's pleasure for most of the years that his older sibling was serving with the British army. A hard man physically and by temperament, inured under the yoke of a brutal prison regime of hard labour and harsh punishment. He was eventually released back into the crushing penury of the Manchester slums. Redemption came just months later when his big brother returned.

LEAD ADVENTURE: metal, 28mm Special Assault Team (VSF-11) rear view
LEAD ADVENTURE: metal, 28mm Special Assault Team (VSF-11)

Reunited, the brothers set up a demolitions company which, under Daniel's guidance and Ric's idiosyncratic enforcement, flourished and prospered. Their success eventually led to the patronage of certain British government departments. However, one covert and politically sensitive contract ended in disaster; the British authorities covered their tracks by publicly ensuring the blame lay entirely with the brothers and their company. Yates Demolitions was ruined and so were the brothers.

Raging for vengeance, fate provided the opportunity in the form of the ex RA Gunner, Burton Cartwright - who was in the employ of a maverick peer, Lord Curr. With Cartwright's introduction and recommendation a meeting was arranged and soon the Yates Brother's particular talents were put to use.

Daniel Yates: Pluck 4+, FV +1, SV +2, Speed 0, Cost 46 (Steel Breastplate, Frontwell's Fascinator, Bomb, Pistol, Military Sword, Iron Will, Engineer)

Ric Yates: Pluck 4+, FV +3, SV +0, Speed 0, Cost 44 (Steel Breastplate & Shield, Explosive Grenade, Military Sword, Iron Will, Tough)

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