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Thursday 8 June 2017

15mm Skirmish Supplies

A shout out for a new venture on the wargaming scene - 15mm Skirmish Supplies - dedicated to servicing the miniature and terrain needs for all those small skirmish warband tabletop wargamers out there.

And best of all, I can highly recommend the thoroughly amiable gentleman wargamer behind 15mm Skirmish Supplies, none other than long time Battleshed stalwart, Sam Pate of Wee Blokes!

Sam has finally pinned on his official trader badge and pitched his online stall. I'll leave it to Sam to explain:
I am a wargamer myself, but I never play large scale battles. All my games revolve around small groups of individuals, typically around 10 figures, and using generic non-figure specific rulesets. When playing in 28mm this is quite easy, as there are a variety of manufacturers to pick and choose from. When I started to become interested in scaling down the figure size to 15mm I found that most companies are set up to provide large packs of 15mm figures for large battles, leaving me with quite a few extra's over my required 10+. Also, quite often, the poses would be repeated. Not a problem when the soldiers are massed, but slightly less satisfying when aiming for small groups of individual characters. Different manufacturers ranges will work together, but then I am stuck with even more spare figures as I buy additional packs, as well as having spent more cash than I was looking to for a 10 man squad. This venture is born out of these experiences.

So, from this wargamer and friend, congratulations to Sam and good look with your endeavour!  

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