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Monday 11 April 2016

Springing ahead

Time for a progress report. School holidays and family additions (I'm now an uncle!) have once again interrupted the gaming flow. I know, I know, it's something all us gamers have to put up with. The good news on the tabletop gaming front though is that I've only five sleeps to go until Salute 2016!

It seems like ages since I first purchased the tickets. Actually, it was back in July last year! So this Friday will see myself and my brother-in-law, John, taking a flight from Edinburgh to London City airport. We've booked accommodation near the ExCeL so we won't have far to go once there. We'll be armed with our Advanced Tickets and wearing our most comfortable shoes. So I won't be in stilettos. Not sure about John. Yup, we've been warned the show is HUGE and can be demanding on the old plates!

Just to add to my anticipation for Salute, the April edition of Miniature Wargames magazine ran an excellent and usefully comprehensive show guide, which included a list of traders, PP games and a two-page full colour floor plan. So that'll be coming along! 

This years theme is Steampunk, which  I'm sure my readers will be familiar with. There's a nice Steam-punky logo on the advanced tickets too. The Miniature Wargames mag also ran a number of articles on the origins of Steampunk through gaming and literature, many of whom I've read. All good stuff.

Of course, I plan an in-depth post once we return. And to show off any goodies I absolutely didn't plan to buy. In my defence, I've been reasonably restrained at the last few shows I've visited and so far the only guaranteed purchase is my reserved copy of The Age of the Wolf - the campaign book for SAGA - which I'll be collecting from the Gripping Beast stand. That said, it is Salute! Anything can happen!

This is supposed to be a progress report isn't it? Well, um...let me see. As mentioned, all a tad quiet on the gaming front the last couple of weeks truth be told. Tis 'usual for the spring months - for me at least. 

I still haven't managed a game of Blood Eagle yet, although I'm optimistic for a session at my local club next Monday (day after Salute - have I mentioned I'm going?). I have a game of SoBH planned for tonight and now Wee Bloke Sam is back from his family sojourn in exotic lands a game of Frostyfodder (aka Frostgrave) in the Battleshed is scheduled for Wednesday. So I'll no doubt be fumigating myself again as I empty the contents of my Skull White spray paint. I've also managed a few of games of SAGA, Muskets and Tomahawks and In Her Majesty's name recently. So more 'ticking over' with the tabletop gaming.

The paint table production line is fraught with stoppages and industrial action. Nothing new there. The Dwarf Bear Cavalry have been 'customised' and prepared for painting at least. By that I mean I've been rummaging in my bit box, so four of the five dwarfs are now armed with lances instead of outrageously oversized axes. I'm already regretting using steel 'spears' - my hands are like pin cushions! 

After that, I've some lovely 15mm dwarfs to paint up courtesy of Jimboba over at Warchest. Something I'm approaching with trepidation given the quality of his painting. I'm just going with the notion that my painting style, if that's what you can call it, is influenced by the Impressionist school. And I'm sticking to that. Oh, and the odd recruit to my Frostgrave warband may get a splash of paint (see - Impressionist!)

Once the dwarfs have been done, I'm clearing the decks for two terrain projects. The first will be to complete the long, long overdue board for our IHMN campaign finale. Yes, I've slapped myself on the wrist for not giving this enough focus. Its one of those projects that has stalled mostly down to me allowing myself to be distracted by new shinies and rules. Its the curse of the tabletop gamer but I should know better by now. So consider myself reprimanded for not completing this project!

The second terrain project will be for the ancient chariot racing game currently in development from Nic over at Irregular Wars.  

This game has now been re-titled Faustus Furius (from Bread and Circuses) and is nearing publication.

I've been lucky enough to have been sent a WIP review copy with most of the illustrations and artwork completed. All I can say is that its looking very good and I'm really looking forward to sharing more with my readers once a publication date is set. I'm also planning to step up playing Faustus Furius over the next few months so expect a few charioty posts!

The biggest impact on my gaming (and blogging) time over the last few months has been the 'writing project' I mentioned a few weeks ago. This is progressing well and I've started to settle into a good routine. Setting daily writing targets has helped. I mention this because I'll be spending a week away at the end of April -  alone, ensconced in a cabin in the Scottish highlands - dedicated to focusing entirely on this project. I'm very fortunate to have the support of my family for this. I'm truly grateful for this opportunity. Although, upon my return I suspect the Teenager will momentarily glance up from his Xbox and mumble something like, "Oh, you've been away?"

So, that's it for now. Away this weekend for Salute. We've got a late flight back on the Sunday so should have time to 'pop' into the city. I haven't been down to London for many years so if any of my readers has any suggestions or recommendations which may be doable, before we head back beyond the Wall, they will be appreciated. 


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