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Saturday 2 April 2016

Project Simian Ultra X

I can’t resist this one. A set of five new sculpts of tooled-up simians for use with any SF/RPG game.

A set of bio-engineered apes are sure to find a ledge somewhere on my lead mountain. After all, it’s a pretty inclusive mountain. Maybe these can sit alongside the Fightin’ Fungi on the totally bonkers but cool section. 

Even though these miniatures are totally unrelated, my nostalgia-sensor had me recalling those classic Planet of the Apes movies starring the chisel-jawed Charlton Heston taking time off from all those sword and sandal biblical epics. However, these new ape miniatures are more akin to classic 70s and 80s science fiction RPGs. I mean, one is sporting an environmental suit and another is peering down the scope of a rather futuristic sniper rifle!

This is a modest Kickstarter from Damon Richardson and Andrea Sfiligoi of Ganesha Games to produce these 28mm miniatures sculpted by Micah Nichols - along with an optional simian supplement to support Ganesha’s Mutants and Death Ray Guns ruleset. Estimated delivery is June next year. And there are some rather intriging strech goals too.

So if any of my readers are interested in some rather nifty simian characters for their games have a mosey over to the Kickstarter. Its open now with 13 days to go.

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