Battleshed Diaries

Thursday, 24 September 2015

There's no room for the Law in this town

Just a quick shout out for Jimboba who earned his first pair Dead Man's Hand spurs with a visit to the Battleshed yesterday. He was joined by my regular gaming buddy, Sam Pate, for a casual shootout in the streets of Obsession.

It was great to see Jimboba in the flesh, um, so to speak. Although I had been following his blog for a while it was at Carronade in Falkirk earlier this year that we first met, whilst Sam and I, (well, mostly Sam - I was just a groupie), were running a Songs of Blades and Heroes public participation game.

I think it fair to say Jimboba is a bit of a specialist in the 15mm scale arena, being an avid collector and talented painter. I recommend you pop over to his blog, Jimboba's Warchest , and have a browse - you won't be disappointed!

Although Jimboba isn't exclusively 15mm, as demonstrated by the lovely set of Old West miniatures he produced for our game. As it was Jimboba's first game of DMH and by his own ad admission hadn't been regularly gaming recently, he was in good hands as Sam and I are very much casual players, playing the narrative and for fun rather than the more, let's say, 'tourney orientated' player. Probably explains why I lose so much.
And last night was no exception, with my Lawman brazenly heading into town daring Sam's Outlaws and Jimboba's Desperadoes to take a shot. Which they gladly did. It wasn't long before The Law was reduced to a few desperate men, firstly from the Outlaws - well, some of them at least, those that weren't hanging out in Rogan's Bar - and later by the Desperados who apparently were on a mission to investigate each and every building in town.

Sam's outlaws claimed the most Out of Action hits, mainly at the expense of my Lawmen, although Jimboba's shotgun toting Ol'Grandpa' redeemed his bosses lacklustre shooting by fast-limping up to to Rogans's and blasting a rather confused Outlaw sheltering behind the dubious cover of the saloon doors! 

Finally, thanks again to Jimboba for gifting me a lovely miniature to add to my DMH collection.