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Saturday 26 September 2015

An axe to the kneecaps always levels a fight

Valgen's Lads - my veteran Songs of Blades and Heroes Dwarf warband - enjoyed a good bit of blade work today. They were up against a new Barbarian warband, Wulfs's Warriors, controlled by a member of my local club who wanted a re-introduction to the delights of this most elegant game.

Of course, I was delighted to assist, SoBH being my favourite fantasy skirmish system. As my opponent was looking for a refresher, we played the Standard Rules (400 points) but included the Reaction system from the recently published Advanced SoBH.

For the first game, we played a simple 'All-Out-Battle' scenario, with a few woods dotted about for Valgen's Lads to get lost in. Or, more likely given their experience in previous games against Sam Pate of Wee Blokes, probably fall down rabbit holes!

Valgen's Lads being being challenged by young Sven the Barbarian
My opponent lined up his Barbarians, the group flanked by a couple of eager archers, and with the young muscled-bound Sven evidently sporting a Glasgow sun tan. As usual, Valgen's Lads advanced in formation, with Boindel Beastrider on his bear mount flanking to hopefully distract the archers.

From there a delightful melee ensued, symbolic of all the uncertainties of such close quarter fighting. It wasn't long before the experienced Dwarfs were cutting their way through the inexperienced Barbarians to a clear victory.

The second game used the 'Ambush' scenario. The defenders (Barbarians), instead of placing their models at set-up, placed two tokens to represent their miniatures. The idea being that during play whenever a marker is attacked or an opponent moves within 1xLong, or the marker is 'activated', the defender reveals whether it was a defender (substituting the token with a model) or a 'dummy', removing the marker.

Ambush in the ruins, with 'ambush' tokens in play
Therefore, Valgen's Lads had no clue to the Barbarian warband's disposition as they advanced to the ruins! They cautiously Group Moved, shields up, expecting the unexpected. It wasn't long before the archers popped out on either side, ambushing from the woods whilst barbarians started to appear in amongst the ruins.

Ireheart doing something in the woods with Grom the archer
This time the combat was a lot more even with numerous tense rounds of constantly flip-flopping fortunes for both warbands, involving many individual duels, Outnumbering, Falls, knock Backs, Kills, Gruesome Kills and Morale checks! The battle went right up to the wire with just a quartet of fighters still standing, the barbarian leader, Jon Wulfsage, somehow managing to survive constant attacks to force a failed morale check on the unlucky Boindel Beastrider to claim a marginal victory.

Boindel Beastrider charges the Barbarian leader, Jon Wulfsage
We thoroughly enjoyed our wee games today and it looks like a campaign game, using either the basic or advanced rules is on the horizon. 

Maybe Valgen's lads will do battle with Wulf's Warriors again...

Valgen's Lads

Valgen Maest (Personality), Leader, Fearless, Short Move, Q2+, C4
Falster Vonlyr, Fearless, Free Disengage, Short Move, Q3+,C4
Boindel Beastrider, Mounted, Long Move, Acrobat, Q3+,C4
Halgar Snowbeard, Shieldwall, Short Move, Q3+,C4
Rudd Bloodmane, Shieldwall, Short Move, Q3+,C4
Ireheart, Shieldwall, Short Move, Q3+,C4
Mistress Loveshields, Opportunistic, Short Move, Q3+,C3
Ceri Crakshot, Medium Shooter, Unerring Aim, Short Move, Q3+,C3

Wulf's Warriors

Jon Wulfsage (Personality), Forester, Leader, Stealth, Q3+, C4
Torathas (Elf Warrior), Heavy Armour, Long Move, Q3+, C3  
Allete, Fearless, Q3+, C4
Shahna, Acrobat, Q3+, C3
Berta, Fearless, Q3+, C3
Durk Hammerhand, Q3+, C3 
Brok (Barbarian Archer), Fearless, Good Shot, Q3+,C3
Grom (Barbarian Archer), Fearless, Good Shot, Q3+ C3  
Sven (Young Barbarian), Q4+ C3


  1. Brutal! As it should be when dwarves are invloved!

    1. Absolutely Gordon.! The Lads had a good work-out today. With a bit of luck, the Hammer & Forge Dwarf supplement will be published in time for my next campaign warband ;)