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Tuesday 3 February 2015

Tiger on patrol

As mentioned in my prelude our second test game of Hell Hath No Fury, Return to Fury, I’d made an abortive attempt to quickly assemble and deploy a German Tiger 1 tank from The Plastic Soldier Company. So, lesson learned, I scheduled some dedicated modeling time and set about the three remaining tanks.

And an easy job it was too! This time I actually read the instructions properly rather than a bodged assemblage from a skim read! Yes, I know I should know better. After all, I’ve been modelling for long enough. Slaps self about the head.

This box contains four hard plastic sprues and a set of instructions from which three variants of 15mm scale Tiger 1 tanks can be assembled – early mid and late war production. A 'filter' part is also included for desert and tropical theatres. I chose the late war variant. The instructions provide a colour coded diagram of a complete sprue showing which parts are generic or specific to the chosen variant.  On the reverse are clear assembly instruction for each major section (wheels/tracks, hull, turret) along with a front and reach view of a completed tank for further guidance. A painting guide is also included on the rear of the box.

Crucially, when it came to aligning the top and bottom track parts it all worked perfectly. I soon had the remaining tanks all done in less than an hour, including applying variations for each tank such as closed/open hatches and the options of including various crew figures.

I was really pleased with the results having only previously used the more expensive, and weightier, resin miniatures available for Flames of War.  The models in this kit are detailed, adaptable and a relatively inexpensive way to get quality miniatures onto the gaming table. I just need to get them prepped for painting now.
Completed Tigers, hot off the assembly table.

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