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Friday 6 February 2015

Board games are like buses...

And another board game incoming! The Plastic Soldier Company, from whom I recently purchased a set of Tiger 1 tanks, have announced a Kickstarter for a Great War Strategy board game. 

It's definitely something that interests me, so it's my second KS backing of the year - and its only February! Details below...

The Great War Strategy Board Game launches on Kickstarter!
The Plastic Soldier Company will launch the game with a crowdfunding campaign – commencing Friday, 6th February. The launch of The Great War Strategy Board Game will begin on Kickstarter with a campaign to fund the pre-production and publication of the game, setting the foundation for future development of the line. The campaign has an initial funding goal of £25,000 and will end on 8th March.
The Great War is the latest adaptation of Richard Borg’s tried and tested Command and Colours game system bringing the epic battles of the First World War to the gaming table. Players can command armies of detailed, hard plastic, 1/100th scale miniature figures representing British and German troops of the time.
The confusion of battle and challenges of command and control are provided through command cards, combat cards and HQ tokens that limit what can be done each turn and custom dice are used to resolve the effects of any combat that occurs.
The game includes scenarios to allow the re-enactment of battles such as Loos, The Somme and Vimy Ridge as well as many other actions. The board can be reconfigured using terrain tiles to reflect any battlefield of the period and allows additional scenarios to be created.
This is the first game in a series that will in time cover all aspects of the war on land with additional figures including cavalry, tanks and artillery and additional nationalities (France, USA and Russia) being added in subsequent modules.
Future expansions will add other new mechanics and game elements, and open up more opportunities for player-vs-player action.

Pledges and Rewards

In the The Great War Strategy Board Game project on Kickstarter, backers can choose to support the game at many different pledge levels.
The project starts with five initial stretch goals of between £25,000 and £125,000 and will be reviewed throughout depending on the success of the campaign.
The Great War Strategy Board Game is planned to ship to backers in June 2015.
For more information and to pledge, visit The Great War Strategy Board Game Kickstarter page
To know more about the game and the expansion check out
This is our first venture into the world of boardgames. Hopefully the start of many boardgame ventures.

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