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Friday 14 November 2014

There were Romans at the door. Lots of them!

Today, I took delivery of the 'Legions of Rome' army deal from Warlord Games for my anticpated  foray into Hail Caesar.

This set arrived very quickly from the initial order, so quick it caught me out and I had to arrange an alternative delivery date with the postal service. So why the Romans? Wasn't I thinking of a Carthaginian army? Yup, but after a lot of deliberation it came down to a head and heart kind of' thing - the possibilities for a Carthaginian army ticked all the boxes, possibly utilising some of my Saga miniatures, but at the back of my mind I just fancied having a Roman force.

Ever since I was a wee boy I was enthralled with the 'romance' (far removed from reality I'm sure) of ancient Roman battles and intrigues. Heavily influence by Hollywood movies and school trips to Rome and Pompeii!

Plastic: 80 Legionaries, 20 Praetorian Guard, 20 Veterans and 24 Auxilliaries including command
Metal: 4 Scorpion Catapults and Crew, Marcus Aurelius, Emperor model, 12 Roman Cavalry including command, Aquilifier, 2 Roman Officers (1 mounted, 1 on foot) and 3 Roman Optios

Now I'm a big kid, I can afford to invest in a reasonable size starter force and Warlord's army deal saved me a few smackeroonies over the long run.  I'll no doubt post more in depth, once this project gets underway. In the meantime, the box contains:

  • 80 Plastic Legionaries
  • 4 Scorpion Catapults and Crew
  • 20 Plastic Praetorian Guard
  • Marcus Aurelius, Emperor model
  • 20 Roman Veterans
  • 24 Auxilliaries including command
  • 12 Roman Cavalry including command
  • Aquilifier
  • 2 Roman Officers (1 mounted, 1 on foot)
  • 3 Roman Optios

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