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Thursday 27 November 2014

Outlaw Ned the Bed gets the wrong end of a Sonic Screwdriver

Continuing our foray into In Her Majesty's Name, Arabianknight and I played another casual experimental game using the same Companies we used previously for the scenario set in the Old west town of Obsession. This time I was over at Arabianknight's fine gaming establishment, where once again he'd set up a suitably enticing table using his ever expanding range of DaveGraffam models. 

We used the 'King of the hill' scenario from the IHMN rulebook, where our respective companies - The Wild West Show (me) and the Dr Who UNIT Expeditionary Force- had to take a vital building and hold against all comers. Apparently The Dr. had some suitably convoluted reason for wanting to be in a remote cottage with Amy Pond. Bill Dooley's gang just wanted to upgrade their hideout.

The scenario was generic, with VPs for figures taken out of the game after turn 12 with extra VPs for whichever Company controlled the cottage at the end. We usually drop the turn count for our weekday gaming sessions as time normally dictates the available game length.

The Wild West Show, led by Bill Dooley, got the imitative for the first turn and, once both Companies had deployed, the teams advanced cautiously taking advantage of the available cover. As we both play Songs of Blades and Heroes regularly which mostly involves hand-to-hand fighting, we were both keen to see how the much more prominent ranged combat in IHMN played out. We soon found out. 

Spotting The Dr. and his crew piling out of the strange blue thunder box sited in a copse on the other side of the cottage, Bill Dooley ordered some of his Outlaws, led by Ned the Bed, to try and intercept. However The Dr. cannily sent a few of his British riflemen to make use of some excellent high ground with decent cover nearby, providing them with a good view of the cottage. Bill then ordered Old Jeremiah, the Mountain Man, equipped with his Monocular Targeting Array and his Hunting Rifle to climb the high ground on the other flank which had a commanding view to the rear of the cottage and, crucially, the possibility of some tasty sniper practice. Both Companies then manoeuvred their remaining crew towards the cottage.

The game mostly became a shooting match, interspersed with the combatants running from cover to cover, trying to get closer to the relative safety of the cottage. Ned the Bed managed to survive being temporarily knocked ass-wards from multiple rounds from the British riflemen; picking himself up and now enraged, he stupidly charged their position, threatening both the Riflemen and The Dr. and his comrades craftily using a wooden fence as cover.

However, The Dr. coolly stepped forward, and with a haughty quip, deactivated Ned's military rifle. Whilst Ned was still trying to comprehend what had happened, he was shot by a riflemen. Classic brave but stupid. Actually, just stupid.

Old Jeremiah, the Mountain Man, did however enhance his reputation as a marksman, by taking out one of the riflemen with an impressive  long range shot. This sent the remaining riflemen scurrying for cover. Meanwhile, Sioux Ironjaw, Outlaw Sneaky Jed with his bag of grenades, Bill Dooley and his brother Ben, all headed for the cottage, with a brief skirmish in the environs involving a few opportunistic shots on both sides. Unfortunately, Sneaky Jed was sorely disappointed not to get a chance to use his grenades. 

Old Jeremiah was charged and engaged in a furious melee by one of the British Riflemen. He used his carbine butt as an improvised hand-to-hand weapon, however this particular rifleman was armed with a sword and professionally used it to his advantage. Old Jed soon went back to the mud.

Eventually, with six of Bill Dooley's crew out of the fight and four of The UNIT team also away, it came down a close-quarter shoot-out around the cottage, with both Bill and Ben Dooley deciding,  after a few slugs of whiskey, to make a heroic attempt to take out at least two of the closest UNIT crew hiding just around the corner of the cottage. Unfortunately, Bill failed to hit after unloading both of his pistols and was subsequently shot himself. His brother then blasted apart that weird robotic canine, sending up a plume of acrid smoke and flying metal. Time was out and, The Dr.'s UNIT team had the VP advantage.  

Another entertaining game of IHMN. We're both starting to get to grips with the system and are looking forward to starting a campaign in the next few months

As an aside, two of the miniatures for my IHMN 'Lord Curr's Q Division',  Colonel Horace F. Burn and Lum Renton Henan are both completed (yay!) and Prof. D. Belfry Chuffnell III with his 'mechanised walker' is currently in progress. I'll post up all the pictures once the Company are ready.

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