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Friday 6 January 2017

Rogue Stars: The Ucrian Harbingers

Rogue Stars Ucrian Harbingers Bio-engineered Simian squad

The latest crew to enlist at the Battleshed Barracks are five hardnosed and rather hirsute mercenaries calling themselves the Ucrian Harbingers. My first crew for Rogue Stars!

With games of Rogue Stars in the planning, I thought I’d share my experimental roster after a bit of rule book thumbing. This motley crew are bio-engineered simians from Ganesha Game’s Project Simian Ultra X range available through Alternative Armies. And I’ll confess, I’ve already put in an order for another four from the range. Six days into 2017 and I’ve wedged open the wallet already!

They're led (from left to right) by Patrol leader Aelsaf and his crew - Psionic Wayfinder Rathek and Harbingers Kerduk, Lasrauk and Jalgrul. I went with the mercenary theme as I think it mostly covers the traits space-faring simians would exhibit. 

Tactical Discipline
At The Double
Patrol Leader
Leadership L2, Martial Arts L1, Agile L3, Tough L1
Heavy Blaster Rifle
Force Shield
Psionic Wayseer Rathek
Psionic [R], Danger Sense, Martial Arts L1, Agile L3, Tough L1
Psionic Abilities: Electrokinesis, Detect Weakness, Guidance
Light Combat Dress
Harbinger Kerduk
Martial Arts L1, Agile L3, Tough L1
Zap Pistol
Light Combat Dress
Harbinger Lasrauk
Marksman L1, Martial Arts L1, Agile L3, Tough L1
Laser Rifle
Light Combat Dress
Harbinger Jalgrul
Martial Arts L1, Agile L3, Tough L1
Plasma Pistol
Kevlar Jacket

The Ucrian Harbingers unplugged. Apart from the one front right. He's waiting in the wings.

It’s always difficult to assess what might work or not until you’ve a few games under your belt although part of the fun is flicking through all those option tables to try and figure out your first 200 XP crew! It could all go terribly wrong but it’ll be interesting to find out!

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