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Friday 18 March 2016

Dwarf Invasion

Like Ben Nevis recently, my Dwarfy Lead Mountain has just got a bit higher.

The Hammer and Forge Kickstarter order has arrived!

A Dwarf invasion force of 28mm metal miniatures for the Hammer and Forge faction supplement, supporting the new Advanced Songs of Blades and Heroes rules by Andrea Sfiligoi.

There were quite a few Dwarf factions to choose from as the Kickstarter hit its various stretch goals between August and September last year, so I went for a mix of 'characters' to supplement the 38 Dwarf miniatures I already have in the unpainted Lead Mountain! Plus I still have a load of Fightin' Fungi mushrooms to consume.

The postman knocked on the door earlier this week and handed over a large, brown package too large for the letterbox. He knows the score by now. I just got the 'ordering yet more weird stuff' look as he shuffled off on his rounds. 

Distributed by Alternative Armies in Scotland, out tumbled numerous clear plastic re-seal bags of metal miniatures accompanied by the familiar plastic-jingle of slota bases. I'm really pleased with these miniatures. The artists went for the heroic, high fantasy style of the 70's to 90's and I think they got it spot on. Full of character and humour.

With so many Dwarfs now, I'm not planning to paint them in one marathon session! It'll be a case of painting them as I need them. Although, the Miner Mole Cavalry lad is already seconded as scout for my Bear cavalry currently on the paint table.

So, here they all are. Fresh out of the box, without bases attached and in no particular order: 

DRAGON SLAYERS: Wyrmblight, Outcast Slayer and Scimitar Monster

MINER COMMAND GROUP: Miner Officer, Bagpipe Musician, Golden Lantern Standard Bearer

MINER CORE TROOPS: Warriors with Hammer, Mace and Pick

MINER HEAVY INFANTRY: Two lads with Battleaxes and one with Ball and Chain
MINER HEROES: Runecaster, King Thumas Ven, Lyonette of the Midlands
MINER SPECIAL TROOPS 2: Battle Tankard, Lantern Bearer, Arbalestier
OUTCAST BARBARIANS: Kraum Twin Axe, GreenBeard Wolfbiter, Ruill The Beardless
PELTERS SET 1: Sabretooth Pelter, Bearwolf Archer, Bear Pelter
THRALL SPECIAL TROOPS: Wight Axeman and Skeletal Ram Rider


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