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Thursday 8 October 2015

Massive sale at the Galactic dealership!

Last night I was engaging Imperial forces in a galaxy far, far away. I'd assembled a vast fleet of three Rebel Alliance ships to take on the Dark Side. Yes, it was time for X-Wing!

It's been a while since I last played X-Wing so Darth Pate (of Wee Blokes) and I arranged a casual game for our regular week night gaming session. With nothing prepared and both of us a wee bit daunted by the array of miniatures I'd displayed for our choosing we decided to just play a simple 100 point head-to-head game.

I'd forgotten how many X-Wing miniatures I'd accumulated and it felt like we were both visiting a vast star-ship dealership before the game, perusing the merchandise whilst Watto the Toydarian junk dealer hovered close by offering, 'For you, very special deal!'
The Galaxy's Finest Dealership

I decided to go with a YT-2400 light freighter piloted by a gurgling Nautolan called Eaden Vrill, mostly because it looked cool and I hadn't used one before. Although it took me a while to figure out the front, as it seemed to resemble a flying door wedge. I accessorised with a Heavy Laser Cannon, hired a dude with an impressive looking CV who claimed to be a Tactician, and a cluster of, erm, Cluster Missiles.

As I still had a healthy balance of Standard Galactic Credits left, Watto managed to offload a second-hand A-Wing which allegedly had one previous owner, low parsecage' and was now piloted by a captain Tycho Celchu who claimed to be from a peaceful wee planet called Alderaan. The captain talked me into buying a batch of Proton Rockets.

Finally, I was expertly relieved of my last few remaining Galactic Credits by hiring a rather dishevelled and frankly dodgy looking pilot who muttered something about a Bandit Squadron, but was very effusive about his wee fighter that he said was a Z-95 Headhunter

It didn't look that menacing, given its title. Could of at least had some skulls painted on it. Anyway, resigned to my fate I added Homing Missiles to the bill, which Watto was already gleefully ringing up.

So, the scenario had me out for a run with my new squadron as we ran into Darth Pate and his Imperial Pirates. After Eaden Vrill had punched the freighter's scanner control a few times, it stayed on enough to identify a quartet of TIE fighters rapidly vectoring on our position - including a Phantom and an Advanced TIE - with disquieting tags like 'Backstabber, Howlrunner, Whisper' .

Over the comm-link, Tycho most helpfully suggested they were probably after the freighter. What a genius. The Heavy Laser Cannon was deployed and soon my Rebel squadron, such that it was, were engaging the Imperials.

I just knew I'd been fleeced by that miscreant Watto, as the dodgy Bandit Squadron pilot thought he was being crafty by allowing the Rebel freighter and Tycho's A-Wing to take the heat whilst he held back in his Headhunter. Well it was soon his head that was hunted as he was soon caught in a well executed pincer from the Advanced TIE and the Phantom, the latter finishing him off with a celebratory barrel-roll.

X Wing
The Rebel Z-95 Headhunter losing it's head
With the lumbering freighter and Tycho's escorting A-Wing now re-orientated on another attack run, the freighters 360 degree Heavy Laser Cannon chipping away at the weak Imperial shields, Tycho's little A-Wing loosed the Proton Rockets. A Tie imploded. One down, three more to go.

The Rebels Strike Back
Tycho's celebratory whooping over the comm was suddenly cut off as his ship was hit by a crippling blast from the Advanced TIE that had used its superior speed and manoeuvrability to quickly turn and ambush the A-Wing. The rebel YT-2400 freighter was now alone.

The Rebel A-Wing takes a crippling hit
Vrill desperately tried to wring every measure of available power from the Freighter engines, unloading the entire arsenal of Cluster Missiles at the Phantom Tie heading directly towards it. The tactical computer showed the first batch of missiles totally missing the agile Phantom but the second batch hit home. The Phantom was down! 

The Imperial Phantom cannot escape Cluster Missiles
With a splinter of hope, Vrill punched the engines to max but the freighter was too slow. With it's shields decimated and hull mangled, alarms ringing all over the ship, the remaining standard Imperial TIE pilot angled in fast and finished off the forlorn freighter.

All is lost!
  Darth Pate's Imperial pirates prepared the salvage droids.

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