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Tuesday 18 August 2015

Really Fightin' Fungi

A whole bunch of mushrooms were pushed through my letterbox recently.

No, not some illicit dealings in fungi narcotics, this was the culmination of Ganesha game's recently successful 'Fightin' Fungi' Kickstarter.

The Advanced fantasy skirmish rules and miniatures based on Songs of Blades and Heroes.


Now, I'm a big fan of the Songs of Blades system, having completed multiple campaigns and played countless one-off battles over the years, many of which are on this blog

There have always been a wonderfully diverse set of suggested fantasy rosters included with the core rules and the various expansions, from Kobolds to Dragons and just about everything in between. All designed to inspire your imagination.

However, I was a little surprised when the Kickstarter was announced, with the Advanced rules and new miniatures being set in the unusual world of Mushroom Men! Pretty much a niche market I would have thought. Nevertheless, with an open mind and some loyalty to a system that has provided so much gaming fun I pledged for the 'Really Fightin' Fungi' rewards:

  • 6 basic core white metal miniatures, including optional limbs/weapons and spores
  • Full colour printed rules
  • PDF copy of the rules
  • My name included as a supporter in the Fightin' Fungi rules as a Really Fightin' Fungi!
  • All applicable stretch goals designated as (FF), a further 10 miniatures!

And this is what came through the letterbox. Much to the chagrin of my fellow SoBH gamer, Sam Pate, who's own pledge is delayed in customers somewhere in deepest Malaysia. Maybe he had suspect mushrooms!

I'm very pleased with the detailed and eccentric white metal miniatures (with slot bases) that arrived. They are ostensibly '28mm' but some are much taller, fatter or thinner than others. I really like diversity of size and shape in a small skirmish warband where individual characteristics are important.

The paperback rulebook is full colour and my pledge included a useful pdf download version.

Why do Toadstools grow so close together? They don't need Mushroom!
Sorry. Couldn't help it. 
Why did the Mushroom get invited to all the parties?  'Cuz he's a fungi!
Oh c'mon, it's a classic!

Anyway. A few quick sample pictures below as the wee schrooms' have only recently arrived. The miniatures will need a wee bit of cleaning up before painting, but they give you an idea. Ironically, like their real-world equivalents, I'll have a bit of identifying to do before use!

I really do look forward to painting and battling with these, especially as I think they'll provide the perfect respite from, quite literally, building and painting the legion of uniform Romans currently in progress!

A rather unnerving Vampire fungi!

Fungus Monk


Fungi Spellcaster & Archer

Slinger and Oaken Spear

Infantry & Greater Sporeling


  1. Bah, I feel like you've just clubbed me from behind!! No doubt you'll have these lying out for my visit this week. ;)

    Good to see some of what will (hopefully) come to me, minus the extra big fungi that I'd added on.

  2. Heh heh, no Ambush bonus here, but yes they most likely will be taking their places on the Battleshed parade ground ;)