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Thursday 22 January 2015

First contact with Hell Hath No Fury

Down at Arabianknight's fine gaming establishment we had our first contact with the Hell Hath No Fury WW2 tank to tank rules from 2Hour Wargames.

You can choose to command a single tank, including the individual crew (gunner, loader, driver, bow gunner) or a much larger force with multiple platoons. It's based on 'reaction' tests, rolling against the crew/commander depending the situation. Individual crew can also be given specific 'attributes' to further enhance the RP element. The rules come complete with 10 scenarios which can be played as one-off battles or a linked campaign. These rules can be can be combined with Nuts! to add in infantry to the mix. You can also play solo or cooperatively, with rules for non-player enemy forces or 'PEF', (Possible Enemy Force), also included. All that is required to play are a few D6 , a measuring tape and your choice of any suitable models of a constant scale. 

We both had a printed version of the pdf rules running to 49 well laid out and indexed pages which also included a sheet of counters and the Quick Reference sheets. For our first walkthrough we simply used a single Sherman tank each, using the American Sherman 75mm M4, M4A1, M4A2 list.

From there we worked through each section at a time; indeed, the introduction specifically advises those new to the game to do this as the authors have broken down each element into easy to follow  parts, including a 'Stop!' box providing an example to help summarise the preceding section. Initially we were both looking for a 'walkthrough' scenario to get us started, but the authors have chosen to steer towards the 'stepped' learning method instead, which is probably wise.
After an initial run through with our single tanks - and much chart flicking - we soon felt confident enough to add in a couple more tanks so we had a platoon of 3 each. Almost from the start the role-playing element came in when one of my tanks tried to make an over-ambitious manoeuvre that ended up with the tank skidding, a track thrown, the commander injured and the Bow Gunner dead! Whilst that crew were 'immobilised' the remaining tanks were soon into action - quickly becoming apparent that it's all about cover and manoeuvring into the best position, especially when there are no firing range limits!
As this was our first run through, we only covered the basic elements. For example, we didn't' define our crew members with any specific attributes on this occasion whilst we sought to get to grips with the basics. In conclusion, we were both very impressed with how the game incorporated elements of simulation and role playing, and how relatively easy the rules were to pick up.

We both agreed on another game (hopefully next week) where we plan to explore the rules even further by running through a couple of the linked scenarios. Inevitably, this has already led to an order of more American and German tanks from the Plastic Soldier Company!

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