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Wednesday 15 October 2014

Mid October round-up: The Rim, The Forlorn Hope and a right Saga!

It's all been a bit quiet on the gaming front over last few weeks due to one thing or another. Too many commitments, too little time. Same old story!

Anyway,  I did manage to join some of my buddies over at Livingston Battleground last weekend for  another game of the excellent Firefly board game. It was great to see the latest expansion in play, Blue Sun.

This includes a map expansion which adds two new tiles to the board. These align with the left edge of the old board, completing the Murphy system and mapping out Rim Space with a new system (Blue Sun) and a new Supply Planet, Meridian. It also includes new supply cards, nav cards and contacts.

I'm still not sure how the goal card we used, however, can quote '2 hours' to play - unless that was the time required to pack up all the cards and tokens afterwards!

I also 'endured' game 7 of our continuing SoBH campaign recently, where my First Law warband, now officially given the title 'Falorn Hope', were at the receiving end of yet another drubbing at the hands of the dastardly elves. Unless the batteworn and reduced human warband can get off the ropes it'll be all over for them by battle 10.  
Unfortunately, I forgot to take my usual camera and was so wrapped up in how Bayaz, First of the Magi, (and possibly the last given this battle!), attempted to extricate his warband from a deadly situation, I neglected to take any BatRep notes. Luckily for me (or not!), my opponent, ArabianKnight has posted up all the gruesome detail over at Wee Blokes.

Finally, I also demonstrated Saga for my brother-in-law, who is no stranger to the Battleshed, usually with a new board game or card deck to try. He's a regular FoW and WHF player too, as I've been at the receiving end of his Vampire Counts and German heavy armour on  numerous occasions! 

I used a similar set-up to the demo with ArabianKnight previously. Basic battle, 6 points, using some of my Empire Warhammer miniatures to act as the Viking warband facing the Scots.I failed to convince John, however, that the mounted Scots Hearthguard weren't some devious plot to include uber-warriors on my side.
In my defence - their only 'advantage' is the long move (and are disadvantaged when being shot at and lose cover bonuses); as Jamie can attest over at Livingston Battleground, having a full group of charging mounted Hearthguard does not mean they still can't be stopped and decimated by a group of indifferent warriors lounging on a hill! :s

So a quiet few weeks, but that's the way it goes sometimes. Over the next few months I plan to revisit Warhammer Fantasy again, as my brother-in-law is ever so keen to let his Vampire army have a go at my semi-retired Empire troops - can't think why ;) Dead Man's Hand and In HerMajesty's Name are also pencilled-in and my next 'big' project will be to build a Carthaginian army for Hail Caesar.

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