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Monday 1 September 2014

NUMA: The Affinity Chronicles

A quick preview for you! The guys over at Livingston Battleground are a talented and resourceful group and have been coming up with many home-grown and scratch-built projects over the years. So it's no surprise they've used all that experience to develop a game with a potential commercial release in mind. 

After a long period in development, with numerous re-designs and lots and lots of play-testing, the game, NUMA: The Affinity Chronicles, is the distillation of all that time and effort. As its still in 'beta-test', (to borrow software release terminology),  I can give you a basic summary of the game.

So what is it? It's a Military Sci-Fi,  hex-based board game where players build a squad of mercenaries from a number of available factions, with the aim of being the first to complete three Victory Conditions / Contracts (VICONs). 

Each player will start with an officer faction card, each with their individual stats and abilities, initially two 'energy' to use on your squad's HUD and a random amount of cash. From there on players start to develop their squads by using trading posts on the board to buy new recruits and kit.  Managing your squad and available resources to complete your objectives is an immersive and key part of the game.
NUMA is an unstable and dangerous world, both politically and geographically, where players will have to contend with each other, NPC factions and random events - both good and bad (Wipeout!) - at every turn. From fierce fire fights to Orbital Strikes, from shady contracts to surviving quakes and tremors in treacherous city blocks.

I have only scratched the surface of NUMA: The Affinity Chronicles, hopefully wetting your appetite for a full review and  AAR in due course!

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