Battleshed Diaries

Saturday 31 May 2014

The Force was strong with the Dark side tonight!

The first flight of my shiny new GR75 (and 'Epic' rules) -  and it took a bit of handling! As this was more of an experimental game, I quickly picked the escort ships (two A-Wing, one Y-Wing plus a support HWK). The scenario, the Evacuation of Hoth,  had the Rebels attempting to transit a pre-deployed Imperial minefield, with each mine having different effects. 

Cut a long story short, I was so wrapped up in learning the numerous new rules and manoeuvring techniques, (plus two A- Wings firing a barrage of assault missiles and failing), that I forgot the Transport had a 'combat retrofit' and had extra shields and hull! My opponent,  Darth Sam of the Hobbyshed, was thankfully patient!

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