Battleshed Diaries

Thursday, 11 December 2014

A 'spiked' keg, Zombies and the Scooby Gang!

This week I made the regular, but a rather bracing brisk walk on this occasion, down the hill to Arabianknight’s refuge of gaming delight, on a dreich Scottish winter evening. We’d planned to re-visit the congenial Star Wars: Pod Racing, however with one thing or another, we ended up playing a hastily arranged game of Fear and Faith instead. Arabianknight had selected another delightfully wacky scenario from the ‘Kooky Teenage Monster Hunters’ supplement, Zombie Kegger!

Nothing says you’re grown up like going to collect a college kegger…they’re totally great…except when some big bad nasty spikes the hooch with zombie juice!

Our game had the zombie hoard protecting the 'spiked' keg from the Scooby Gang. Yep, they’re back! They were last seen in Zoinks! It's Freddy Kreugar!  I opted for the zombies, but quickly regretted the decision after having a closer look at their anaemic stats! But hey, what did I expect – they’re zombies! The Zombie Kegger scenario included rules for picking up or throwing the keg, especially useful for the defenders. Also, any monster carrying the keg could deliver a dose of ‘zombie juice’ to any destroyed model, spending an action to raise the model as a Party zombie!

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

The Thief was robbed?!

Songs of Blades and Heroes campaign game 9, ‘The Heist’, was a fitting title as Bayaz and his lads "wuz robbed!"