Battleshed Diaries

Thursday, 23 April 2015

If you go down to a foggy woods today...

Continuing our preparations before embarking on a In Her Majesty's Name campaign, Arabianknight and I played through another test game using the 'Catch the Pigeon' scenario and the 'Pea Soup' scenario 'complication' from the core rulebook. We both deployed 350 points from our respective companies, Lord Curr's Q Division and the Victoria Palace Company, which allowed us to experiment with new characters - especially me, as Prof. D. Belfry Chuffnell III made his debut at the controls of his Johnson Mk. XII 'Cherokee' Light Military Walker, armed with a rather overstated Steam Fist and a water-cooled machine gun!

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Incoming - latest additions to the Battleshed

After a couple of hours in the Battleshed breathing in that heady mix of laser-cut MDF and PVA glue, three more scenery models have been added to my collection. These were the Sarissa Precision kits that I bought back in February whilst at Vapnartak, the York Wargames show. 

The first two (left to right in picture below) are from Sarissa's 28mm Sc-Fi range - the 'Command Pod - Communications' and the 'Hanger and Strong Point Landing Pod Top'. The third model is from their Old West range, the 'Wind Water Pump'.

Command Pod -Communications, Hanger & Strong Point Landing Pod, Old West Wind Water Pump

The two Sci-Fi buildings were bought with plans for them to be incorporated into a VSF terrain board for In Her Majesty's Name. Various sections from the buildings can be swapped out - for example the Strong Point landing Pod Top can be swapped with the Communications Pod.

Now I've finally got these buildings put together I'm forming ideas about how to progress this board. Add in a few Victorian buildings and a bit of painting and customization and I've got the Headquarters for Lord Curr's Q-Division laboratories, manufacturing and testing area. That hanger is just asking for a good VSF Blimp model! 

The Wind Water Pump is destined for my Dead Man's Hand town, Obsession. It already has a Water Tower but I liked the water pump so much I had to have it! I think it'll be a fine addition.

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Lord Curr in the Company of Victoria's Palace

Last year, possibly even the year before, Arabianknight and I discussed running an 'In Her Majesty's Name' campaign. And now, finally, we are on the cusp of that proposition. The Companies are painted and campaign planning is afoot.

Over the last few months my painting table has been occupied with seventeen miniatures from various sources that I committed to painting before I embarked on an IHMN campaign. Only one is still being 'kitted out', Prof. D. Belfry Chuffnell and his Johnson MK XII Cherokee 'Walker', but the professor will be ready by the time the campaign is launched.

Wednesday, 15 April 2015


One of my gaming acquaintances, (thanks RB!), has pointed me in the direction of Valhalla from East Street Game Company, since I've been mucking about in the Dark Ages for a while now. This game has popped up on my gaming radar a few times so I finally ordered the printed copy of the rulebook and registered on the web site. 

What intrigued me was the use of the 'online support site' that, once registered, (free), provides a complete warband design and management system as well as plenty of free resource downloads.

It's also described as a "... traditional skirmish wargame" using "12 to 18 figures per side and each warrior has a unique set of stats"

As the rulebook only dropped on the doormat today, I look forward to play-testing Valhalla in the near future and reporting my findings. In the meantime, there is a review from the Meeples and Miniatures Podcast.

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

SAGA Revenants

There was an intriguing teaser the last couple of days on the Gripping Beast web site (recently refurbished) regarding a new faction for SAGA , Revenants. Yes, it looks like the undead fashion never, um, dies. 

SAGA has always been a very historical-lite skirmish game, with no pretences to be otherwise. But with this announcement I was wary of the direction Gripping beast are going with this. Not that I have any problems with it, being a fantasy player too, and I suppose this adds flexibility for a wider range of players, having a foot in both the fantasy and entry historical arenas.

"...this faction is not part of the main SAGA canon and as such is not for tournament play. It is designed to give you something different and fun to play between friends or at friendly club meetings. We hope you enjoy it!"

The blurb says it's based on the "...myths, legends, sagas and superstitions of the Early Middle Ages" and is certainly coincidental for me having just read 'The Enterprise of Death' by Jess Bullington, (adults only), which was set in the late 15th century and indeed centred around necromancy and the undead, or revenants. It'll probably cause some noise on the forums, but hey, anything new always does. Some will love it, some hate it and many will be ambivalent. Each to their own is my motto.

Click on image below for full details...

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Plaid Wars

Another week and another visit to the so called 'Dark Ages' with my Scots SAGA war band, this time having a 'kilt-off' with the Irish.

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Never walk away from home ahead of your axe and sword

The test of steel is underway. The Warlords are facing each other in a duel. Their retainers are fiercely fighting to decide the day.

A sizable force of Jomsvikings have been spotted off the north-western Scottish coast and a local warband has been despatched to intercept before the brutal pagans can push inland and plunder the peaceful villages in the vicinity. Late in the day, on a clear patch of scrubland under a leaden grey sky with a persistent, cold drizzle soaking leather and fur, the warbands finally faced off. Both sides have similar numbers and no useful terrain advantage either way and so the rival warbands embarked  upon a protracted exchange of insults and crude mimicry.